About Our Quest

This is a project by Rev Casey of Thought Punks. It is a small private community site for indie tabletop gamers and designers to get together and talk about game design.

RPG Design Quest is created as a response to the grumbling by Rev and others in the indie TTRPG scene about the lack of such a place to share and explore our gaming thoughts. Rev felt able to set up and operate such a place, so he put his sweat & effort where his mouth is. And here we are!

Key Points

  1. DON’T BE A DICK. Don’t harass people. Don’t troll people. Our vibe is inclusive, welcoming, and affirming. Don’t make this an unwelcoming place. It’s not rocket science.
  2. This is a small private community. Be cool and all will be cool. This is local club or back lounge kind of vibe. People ruining it for everyone else will be promptly shown the door.
  3. We’re here to talk games, theory, and design. This place exists for those of us who love games to come talk games! Try to stay focused, but this is a little friendly club so don’t be uptight about it. Banter is welcome.


RPG Design Quest